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DiscoveryLogix is a Minority and Veteran Owned Information Governance consultancy based in New York, NY.  

Richard E. Davis, J.D.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Richard is the founder of DiscoveryLogix, LLC and Litigation Logistics, LLC. LitLogix was formed as New York based electronic discovery consultancy in 2003. Richard has over 20 years of technology experience which coalesced with the legal world when he attended the Pace University School of Law while working full time working full time managing the Technical Litigation Support department of a Global 5 law firm. Richard founded Litigation Logistics, LLC (LitLogix) in 2003 to help improve the focus on leveraging technology to resolve litigation, regulatory, information security and data privacy related e-Discovery issues for corporations, law firms and governmental entities. Since founding Litlogix, Richard has developed unique strategies that have provided cost containment of up to 30% for his clients and has mitigated the risk around a variety of legal data management processes. Richard also developed the first ever New York State, 6 credit CLE course on the technical aspects of e-Discovery which encompasses everything legal counsel needs to know about legal data life-cycle management.

Prior to founding the company, Richard was a seasoned IBM Engineer who shortly after graduating from the Pace University School of Law was recruited to become the Manager of Technical Litigation Support for Cravath, Swaine and Moore. In addition to running Cravath’s team of world class legal data management experts, Richard was also the founder of Kenyon and Kenyon LLP’s Practice Management Department. As a “discovery solutions architect” his work as a legal technologist influenced and shaped the way the Federal Trade Commission now manages its data behind its firewalls. Richard and Litigation Logistics was also one of the first groups engaged by British Petroleum (BP) to address their data collection and information management needs pertaining to the DeepWater Horizon oil spill.

While the majority of his work has been in the U.S., Richard recently trained 2 large teams of over 100 Japanese lawyers in Tokyo on U.S. based document review techniques and designed the workflow for an FTC 2nd request related to two of Japan’s largest and most successful brands, in a significant antitrust matter involving the world’s largest S-Ram memory chip maker. Today Richard spends most of his time on the consulting side of the business, helping corporations and law firms contain costs around complex discovery risk management as well as providing corporations with recommendations on cutting costs on legal data management expenditures. Richard is also very active as an e-Discovery expert with ample experience testifying in Court on matters related to litigation hold implementation and spoliation.

In 2007, Richard was appointed as the technical expert in the seminal Victor Stanley vs. Creative Pipe Case by Chief Judge Magistrate Paul W. Grimm. He also sat on Judge Grimm’s court rules committee as a technical advisor. He is a frequent and sought after speaker and has authored numerous articles on legal technology for the New York Law Journal as well as the ALM Compliance and Regulatory Newsletter. Most recently, Richard and his team spoke at IQPC’s e-Discovery Oil & Gas conference in Houston, Texas. Richard’s Unified Legal Data Lifecycle Model is gaining wide acceptance as the vehicle by which corporations gauge their litigation readiness posture.

Richard received a Bachelors in Business Administration from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and holds a JD from Pace University’s School of Law. He also holds numerous technology certifications, is a U.S. Army veteran (combat medic, communications specialist, airborne qualified) and is fluent in Italian and German.

Intellectual Property Developed by Richard Davis:
- Legal Data Lifecycle ManagementTM Workflow
– Data Policy MatrixTM framework for “auto-cognitive” taxonomy development

Education and Certifications:
- Bachelors of Business Administration, International Business Management (Cum Laude) – 1992, Pace University Lubin School of Business
- Juris Doctorate – 1998, Pace University School of Law