Cogent features

DiscoveryLogix’s Cogent platform is a unique meld of technology and process workflow that can helps organizations with the implementation of best practices around Legal Data Lifecycle Management. Our approach helps streamline the collection, processing, review and production of data for litigation discovery, FTC second requests, M&A due diligence, compliance and other initiatives in ways that make these processes more defensible, transparent, scalable and cost effective.


Law firms and corporations seeking a single hosted or behind the firewall solution to manage document collections for various types of initiatives need to look no further.

DiscoveryLogix Cogent a straightforward, highly customizable and feature-rich platform that facilitates the management of data and document collections through a web portal running in your data center or in our NYC-Metro SAS70 TypeII environments. Cogent supports the documentation of audit trails and can track the decisions, directives and actions necessary to bolster the defensibility of litigation preservation activities on an enterprise level. Cogent also includes a DiscoveryTimeline™ which documents and graphically illustrates the matter management history and progress of collecting, processing, reviewing and producing relevant data. Our development team can integrate Cogent with a variety of review platforms, including litigation hold, data preservation and collection applications.

By combining our battle tested discovery management framework, the DiscoveryLogix Legal Data Lifecycle (referenced in the American Bar Association Treatise, “Managing E-Discovery and ESI from Pre-Litigation Through Trial,” ABA, 2011) with a robust platform in a single solution, our clients can create powerful, auditable systems of record. The information governance benefits include helping law firms and corporations mitigate spoliation threats, contain costs and avoid risks associated with e-discovery while enabling matter stakeholders to more rapidly, consistently and effectively respond to adversary and government agency questions implicating the defensibility of their processes.


DiscoveryLogix Cogent has three main components



A collection mechanism for communications, memos and status updates for a specific case which allows counsel to have a clear timeline of the decisions and status made.

2Machine Learning/Predictive Coding:

DiscoveryLogix’s Cogent platform uses powerful, algorithm based machine learning technology to automatically classify data into logical ‘buckets’ that meet the requirements of business function related discovery initiatives such as litigation, M & A due diligence, RIM, compliance and information security. Machine learning is an advanced technical data analysis methodology with roots in artificial intelligence. Our Data Alignment process uses custom and pre-built training models (taxonomies), which are defined for standard business functions, to tag ingested data as belonging to an implicated or sought after category. We then expose or push the algorithm generated classification tag and associated metadata to the review platform, which may also be an archive or DMS, so it can be used as an additional search and classification facet during a review or information retrieval processes.

While the use case to which predictive analytics is most commonly applied is responsive document identification in the context of litigation document review, corporations are increasingly seeking upstream ways to “front load” the classification of data for other initiatives as described above. With this in mind, we designed our business function use cases and pre-built training models to be flexible enough to address the specific requirements and nuances of different organizational stakeholders’ discovery initiatives. Our primary goal is to leverage our “front loaded” information governance models to help corporate legal and IT groups collaboratively and proactively address risk while minimizing the downstream operational impact and cost of discovery.

3Predictive Analytics Platform:

We leverage various “non-linear” e-Discovery, Data Discovery and data classification platforms to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions and services for collection, processing, review and production. Our scalable solutions are in demand by our rapidly growing international customer base.