Information Governance

Information Governance is the overarching discipline and data management framework that touches on and in many cases subsumes discovery driven initiatives. We at DiscoveryLogix have long realized that front loading data classification at the organizational and enterprise storage levels is the key to downstream cost containment and risk mitigation associated with litigation, RIM, information security, compliance and a host of other initiatives.

We also realize that because our holistic information governance models advocate the application of machine learning and predictive analytics sooner in the information management lifecycle, our approach not only results in unprecedented ROI in the form of litigation cost containment, it facilitate business intelligence in ways that positively impact profit center activities. At this point, the goal of reaching a “Semantic Enterprise” state is firmly within reach for CIO’s, CKO’s and GC’s responsible for litigation and compliance.

Together with our affiliate Litigation Logistics, we offer a variety of services and solutions to improve their information governance across the enterprise in a holistic framework which spans multiple legal, compliance and regulatory objectives sharing the goals of cost and risk containment for the enterprise.

Examples of where we can help:

Legal and Litigation Support

  • Machine learning and predictive analytics case strategies related to data management, including determination of data scope, data mapping, collection strategies, and best practices for processing, review and production.
  • Comprehensive enterprise litigation and discovery readiness gap analyses and gap analysis recommendation implementation.
  • Technology advisory services and discovery solutions architecture.
  • Litigation support and IT discovery liaison team training.
  • Staff augmentation with Litigation Logistics trained e-Discovery lawyers and technical experts.
  • Support for discovery conferencing with government agencies, FRCP 26(f) meet and confers.

Corporate Enterprise and Law Firm Operations Information Management

  • Records and Information Management (RIM): Development and application of organization specific taxonomies and policies for data security, access and retention of data for the enterprise, including the design and use of data maps and data warehouses in accordance with GARP.
  • Proactive data management: We help organizations cost effectively apply machine learning and data classification to generate metadata to enrich search capabilities in a variety of document management systems.
  • Data liability mitigation: Machine learning and data classification to provide defensible cleanup and organization of backup tape data, digital repositories (servers and archives), application of security policy facilitating metadata.

The DiscoveryLogix Legal Data Lifecycle

Our founder, Richard E. Davis Esq. is the creator of the Legal Data Lifecycle™ (LDL) a holistic methodology which pre-dates the EDRM and which has been ratified by the American Bar Association. The first iteration of the LDL was created in support of New York State’s first 6 credit Technical e-Discovery MCLE Course in authored by Richard in 2003. The Legal Data Lifecycle methodology is reflected in the processes used by DiscoveryLogix Cogent and provides a defensible approach with focus on cost and risk containment. Our patent pending Legal Data Lifecycle model illustrates the typical flow of information through a cycle of activities and legal budget expenditure and cost containment points. We use this model to illustrate where cost containment optimization can take place along the spectrum of activities. This holistic approach to addressing data management initiatives have been adopted by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

Viewpoint Document Review Class 1 Training

DiscoveryLogix provides training on the Viewpoint document review platform for our clients who are new to the end-to-end e-discovery services application. Training is provided through web sessions or in-person, depending on client preferences. We provide initial training as part of our service at no additional charge, and offer additional training on an ala carte basis. Managed document review services are also available which are certified in the use of the Viewpoint document review process.

Managed Review and Staffing

For clients who prefer to outsource the project management and document review functions, DiscoveryLogix can provide fully trained and certified staff with simple pricing models. Our Managed Review staff offer the following benefits.

  • Full proficiency on the DiscoveryTimeline, Machine Learning, and Viewpoint tools.
  • Solid and proven methodology for project management.
  • Quality Control methods to insure accuracy of the results, based on our Legal Data Lifecycle.
  • Capabilities for foreign languages and cross-border matters, second requests and international patent litigation.

Professional Services

DiscoveryLogix provides Professional Services in a number of areas, including:

  • Outsourced litigation support and legal data lifecycle management for corporations and law firms, including smaller and mid-tier firms.
  • E-discovery and RIM expert consulting and solutions architects.
  • Project management expertise and data analysts.  Staff are seasoned, experienced professionals each with 10+ years of relevant work history. CV’s can be provided upon request.